Film Industry


    The film industry is an industry that could easily benefit from the application of drones. The main reason for this is that everyone in the film industry would know that they are being filmed hence there is no real issue of privacy that some other industries such as the public safety industry may have. Because this issue does not exist, getting approval to use drones in film production is very easy in most developed countries and some countries even allow them to be flown without need of a permit as long as they fly below a certain height. Although the application of drones in film production is easy and already upcoming, it will not be of huge benefit, unlike other industries where drones could be applied.

    Drones in the film industry will be used for filming as you would expect (a commonly used drone adapted for media production can be seen on the right). Their main economic benefit would be that they can replace helicopters and other expensive aircraft in many filming situations. Drones are a cheaper alternative and would allow movie producers with a better budget for other parts of the movie. Helicopters are also not as stable as drones when taking video or photos and therefore drones would be a superior alternative. Using drones in the filming industry would also reduce the storage space required as compared to helicopters. And unlike helicopters drones are much more versatile in terms of where they can lift off from. All of these factors point to a conclusion that drones will help make helicopters redundant in film production and in the process they would reduce the cost of production of any movie that requires scenes to be shot using aerial filming.

    There are already multiple movies that have been shown to the public that include scenes using drones. As I mentioned in the Agriculture section, most analysts have said that it’s most likely that Agricultural drones will start the drones revolution. However in the unlikely case that they don’t, their second most likely choice to start the drone revolution would be the film industry. Not because it offers film producers a huge economic advantage but because it shows governments the advantages of drones to open up regulations for other industries and allows other industries to see how easy it is to apply drone use in their industry.

    Overall the film industry is an industry that will be moderately affected over the next couple of years and has already somewhat been affected but it is also an industry which could along with agriculture drones, signal the start of a drones revolution across all market segments.